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Being aware of trends enables you to exploit change.

In a recent post on his blog,  George Hartman, Master Distributor of SponsorDaddy, posted the following:

Industry Trends / Except Them or Fight Them

This was a post I sent out to the entire SD family but believe it needs to be repeated and not just by me but by EVERYONE. We want SD to always be part of the solution and not be part of the problem with the LOW success rate for people in our industry and these are 5 things that I have been sharing on EVERY phone call I am on!As the TRENDS of thie industry really start to take hold of people there are a few points we have really been making a HUGE dent in.

Cross Recruiting is at an all time high! If you are social networking at all 80 to 100% of the people you meet online are already in a primary opportunity. What is YOUR agenda when you meet these people? There are only two choices. Cross Recruit them or offer them something to help them with their current business.

SOLUTION: Solution5

2. People are looking for SECOND income streams. Well why not give them one with their tool box instead of them looking for one. ANY networker that gets any good will go looking.

SOLUTION: Solution5

3. People Leave and companies close. No matter what we do people will not always be happy with our opportunity.  Well currently if you spend the time with someone and they decide to leave your DONE…no more income.

Solution: Solution5

4. Data Base Protection: Solution5 protects your data at all costs. We do not give your data to anyone. You only see the data of the people you personally enroll. SD does not market to your data or lead your members to other programs.

SOLUTION: Solution5

5. Universal and Generic but CUSTOMIZABLE at the same time. Solution5's new custom wrap programs are absolutely taking off !

These are TRENDS that have turned into FACTS. We can either EMBRACE them or FIGHT them.

It's Your Choice

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