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The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.  Blake Ross (Founder-Firefox)

Are you always looking for the nextbig thing' in network marketing?  It seems everyday, every hour, someone has a new fantastic  product that is in pre-launch and if you don’t get in you can’t win! How many times have you heard, “this is the Turn Key system that will make you rich?”

Do you need the “Next Big Thing” to succeed in network marketing?

If you follow Blake Ross' quotation the answer is yes. Tim Sanders, the former Chief Solutions Office at Yahoo, and founder of research firm Deeper Media Incorporated says to succeed in the new economy (network marketing) you need a killer application. Since there is not a standard definitions for a killer app, his definition of a killer app is an excellent new idea that either supersedes an existing idea or establishes a new category in its field. The idea becomes so popular that it devastates the original business model.

What is the killer app that will enable you to succeed in  network marketing?  Simply put love is the killer app. Love is the act of intelligently and sensibility sharing your intangibles with your biz-partners. You shift from a me-first,  Love is the Killer App  Tim Sandersbottom line rules way of doing business to a way that is in line with what sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer says about always creating value first. You become a selfless promoter of the growth of others.  Sanders calls one who follows this way of doing business a “Lovecat”.

The keys to being a “Lovecat” are your following  intangibles.

Knowledge which is everything you have learned and everything you continue to learn. All you have picked up building you business and all the things you have taught yourself through reading.  Think of your brain as a kind of piggy bank. It is valuable currency.

Network your valuable web of relationships.  In the twenty-first century, your success is based on the people you know.  Kevin Kelly, in his book “The New Rules for The New Economy” says the following:

Mathematics says the sum value of a network increases as the square of the number of members. In other words, as the number of nodes in a network increases arithmetically, the value of the network increases exponentially.* Adding a few more members can dramatically increase the value for all members.

The more people in your network, the more powerful your network

Compassion is the way you win hearts and influence business in the New Economy. It is the personal quality that machines can never possess, the human ability to reach out with warmth, a unique feature of network marketing. People are hungry for compassion.  There is never enough for it.  The tougher the times are, the more important it become.

Being a “Lovecat” works because it is based on a law that changed Jim Rohn’s life forever in network marketing.  He learned the law of sowing and reaping.  This life changing law says, if you need love, give love. If you need compassion, give compassion.  If you commit yourself to helping people, people will commit themselves to you.

A few benefits of being a Lovecat.

  • You build an out standing brand as a person to differentiate yourself.

  • You create an experience.

  • You have access to people's attention

  • You do not have to self-boast.

  • You build relationships with a deep level of trust.

Now let Tim tell you about being a “Lovcat” in this video 7:08)

Love Is The Killer App from Tim Sanders on Vimeo.