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Seven keys to developing strong relationships in network marketing.

Relationships are the glue that holds team members together.  John Maxwell Relationships 101

Why Are Relationships In Network Marketing Important?

If relationships are the glue that holds team members together, you absolutely must build relationships in network marketing business. People don't care about your company or the “best opportunity out there”.  Cavett Roberts, the founder of the National Speakers Association said, “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care!  

Network Marketing Fundamental One Is Relationship building.  If you do not successfully build strong relationships then you might as well quit right now. In Network Marketing you are not just building a business you are building a “family”, a TEAM, a organization.  Paul Butler

In Network Marketing Relationships Are Everything.  As Network Marketers, we are traditionally told that our opportunity and products are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Our mission is to tell everything that gets within 3 feet of us about it, and learn to be rejection free! Now, this works for the sales and mentally unhinged types who are immune to rejection, but for the rest of us, we are humans and have feelings! Let's face it, most of us don't like rejection and tend to take it personally. Instead, we build relationships with people we like.   John  Gaydon

Relationships are Key in Building your Network marketing business! In our society today we have gone away from High Touch to High Tech. Now trust me I believe in one of your avenues in reaching out to be Online, High Tech. What I do mean is texting, email, autoresponders, and NOT picking up the telephone! I love people and I believe the key to building and having success in your network marketing business is to build relationships.   Maggie Lancy

Network Marketing Is About Relationships

In this short video (3:47) Dean R Black describes a simple process that you might skip over in building a network marketing relationship.  Dean also shares steps to building a sustainable relationship.

Developing strong relationships

Developing strong relationships with your business partners will create strength and long-term stability in your organization. There is a way to develop strong relationships. That way is written into the constitution of our relationship and is definable according to certain laws of association.

Here are seven keys to developing a strong relationship.  

  • Do not try to dominate people
  • Do not try to use people
  • Acquire and cultivate the power to put yourself in the other person’s place,
  • Keep the power to say, “I’m sorry.” Often decide with the group against yourself.
  • Look for privileges of service rather than for your rights
  • Expect the best from others
  • Help others to help themselves don’t smother them by being anxious to help.









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  • Stevie Smith April 22, 2012, 8:22 am

    Hello Perry!
    Having strong bond in NWM can give a strong and intact foundation! You give good information on the strong relationship which can further produce a good outcome. Thanks for the share! 🙂
    Stevie Smith recently posted..Are You Satisfied With Where Your Website Currently Ranks?My Profile

  • Tom Burt March 25, 2012, 8:12 pm

    Amen Brother!
    People will do business with who they know, like, and trust. And I like to add, people will do business with who they perceive to already be successful. Internet marketing is all about perception. But you and I know it still matters that we have a good honest heart as well!


    • padjr April 13, 2012, 4:48 pm

      Tom, I believe the foundation for trust begins with a honest heart. Thanks for your comment

  • Kostas February 22, 2012, 8:40 am

    Hi Perry,
    Building strong relations with your clients and your partners is one of the fundamentals for any succesful business not just for network marketing, after all everything it’s about people and their needs no matter what is your industry…
    Kostas recently posted..SEO and Small Business: Developing a Manageable StrategyMy Profile

  • Nathan Gurley February 21, 2012, 2:04 pm

    Wow Perry! Thank you for posting that video by Dean R Black.

    He said that building relations is more important than any business and I agree. I am glad I met you because the information you provide is truly valuable and you set a wonderful example!
    Nathan Gurley recently posted..“Good Girl is Gonna Go Bad” by Tammy WynetteMy Profile

  • Lynn Jones December 20, 2011, 10:15 pm

    Hi Perry, You have provided us with some solid and valuable information about how important building relationships are in our online business. Sometimes it’s a challenge when one does not have a lot of time. I am guilty of thinking I have too much to do, I can’t thake the time to chat with him or her. Time is precious, but so our people. 🙂
    Great post and video. I enjoyed it.
    Lynn Jones recently posted..Keeping Christmas Traditions Alive and FreshMy Profile

  • Marc Korn December 18, 2011, 2:18 am

    Hey Perry,

    Thanks for sharing your insights on the importance of relationship building in Network marketing. Also, excellent video with solid advice.

    It always amazes me that so many Networkers really miss the target with this fundamental and critical step. It goes to show you that people are NOT being trained properly by their sponsors and/or uplines.

    This post is very important for those new to the Industry that don’t want to create the wrong image of themselves.

    It is essential to create a strong brand in order to succeed and part of that is developing and maintaining a solid reputation. If you miss the lesson on relationship building, you will have a long, uphill climb and will leave a lot of money on the table.

    Building strong relationships takes sincerity, caring, listening, giving and many other traits that show that you care and that you are not just interested in pitching your business.

    This is not easy and it takes commitment, but you will reap long term benefits whether it is with your prospect, your team or even a family member.

    Commit to developing and cultivating your relationships and you will live a richer and more meaningful life.

    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Marc Korn recently posted..TOP 50 MLM Blogs…The Results Are In | The Lessons LearnedMy Profile

  • Lisa W December 15, 2011, 1:13 am

    I think it takes a long time for some to realise that marketing is relationship building, and so I can totally understand that; for what its worth. It hit me like something I just never thought of before.
    Lisa W recently posted..Social and marketable information – ELEVATION GROUP AND YOU – http://instantblogsubscribers.com/vip/sneezy2My Profile

  • Nile December 6, 2011, 6:00 am

    Relationships are definitely important in network marketing. Some of the people I work with, I am actually trading skills as it ends up working evenly across the board. If it were not for them, especially the last 3 months, I probably would not be where I am at.

    I love it because it is the positive influence I needed. Those 7 keys are definitely things anyone should try to adhere to, especially not dominating others. It really can be a turn off… and sometimes not being the person in total control leaves room for growth.
    Nile recently posted..Ways to Reach Out To Your Visitors To Keep Them Coming BackMy Profile

  • Ted Hunsaker December 3, 2011, 8:06 pm

    Hi Perry,

    Great post on building relationships in your network marketing business. This Business is not about telling and selling. It’s about building relationships with people so that they will want to buy from you.

    Ted Hunsaker recently posted..Richard Branson-What It Takes to Become a Successful EntrepreneurMy Profile

  • Edyta November 4, 2011, 12:15 pm

    Hi Perry,

    Very interesting post. I didn’t realise that building relationships is so importnat in my business. On the other hand it makes buisness more human and more interesting. Behind my screen there are human beings who need my help. Thanks.
    Edyta recently posted..The Difference between Stress and Anxiety: What Everybody Ought to KnowMy Profile

  • Natasha Nassar October 31, 2011, 11:07 pm

    Perry, this is a HUGE lesson for those network marketers out there (many who are new to the business) that think that if they can just explain the comp. plan correctly, or if their product has had enough studies, that people will most certainly join.

    In reality, people don’t join companies for the comp. plan or for the products. People join PEOPLE. That’s why it is crucial if you are in network marketing, that you constantly work on YOURSELF so that you become someone that people WANT to be around. That you become a MAGNETIC person! Your tips are right on, and I would add that it is important that you be authentic. : )
    Natasha Nassar recently posted..Welcome To My Blog!My Profile

  • Scott Moore October 29, 2011, 7:38 pm

    This is maybe one of the best articles I have seen on the importance of relationships. It hit the nail on the head. You want people to stay with you.

    Scott Moore

  • Nathalie Villeneuve October 21, 2011, 4:36 pm

    Hi Perry,
    I know people will never say this statement enough! Because I started my career as an offline marketer back in 1997, I know first hand how building the relashionship first is one of the main way people can have true success in our industry.
    When I first came online not so long ago, I was wondering why people were saying it so much! To me it was obvious. But now I realize that the people that come into network marketing now will need to be reminded often! Great video from Dean R Black 😉
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..More MLM Success Tips-Maximize Your MLM BusinessMy Profile

  • Kevin DeRoo October 20, 2011, 4:43 pm

    Hey Perry,

    Loved this article my friend … building relationships is what this business is all about. In the immortal words of Mike Dillard “People join people not opportunities!” So many folks get into this industry wanting to make a quick buck and that’s why the fail. They try to sell the opportunity first, without regard to build a lasting and mutual beneficial relationship with other like minded individuals.

    I’m glad that our paths have crossed Perry and I look forward to building our relationship long into the future.

    Kevin DeRoo recently posted..Insurance For Your Website or Blog!My Profile

  • Raena Lynn October 19, 2011, 11:37 pm

    Hi Perry,

    This is a very good article on the importance of building relationships in network marketing. Sometimes the most basic concepts are skipped over, yet they are the foundation essential to build.

    One of the keys I really liked was, “Acquire and cultivate the power to put yourself in the other person’s place.” If you can gain that skill, then a great percentage of the relationship building is conquered. When you have the ability to “Put yourself in their own shoes” then a sense of understanding and trust is established. What a great place to start!

    Thanks for the video and article. We must periodically go back to the fundamentals.

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..Does Attraction Marketing Work?My Profile

  • Kyle Quinlan October 19, 2011, 2:44 am

    Great post Perry! Relationships really are everything when it comes to network marketing and building a team. I read a book called “Beach Money” a while back and I remember one quote from it off the top of my head that relates to this… it goes something like “a team that plays together stays together.”
    It makes complete sense to be friends with the people on your teaqm anyways. There’s no reason to be fake or try to sell something!

  • Dr. Erica Goodstone October 17, 2011, 6:27 pm

    My favorite tip is to help others to help themselves. Too often people think they are helping by doing something for me instead of taking the time to show me how I can do it myself. The latter is so much more appreciated and valuable in the long run.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..The 10 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening to LoveMy Profile

  • Trevor Barrett October 17, 2011, 10:12 am

    Building relationships is incredible important in any business not just in network marketing. In olden days the local store owner used to build relationships with his regular customers (much better than today’s out of town supermarkets).

    In business there is a saying that it is not what you know but who you know that makes the biggest difference. This can only be reached by good relationship building.
    Trevor Barrett recently posted..Money Saver Foods For All OccasionsMy Profile

  • Gary Young China Sourcing October 15, 2011, 1:24 am

    Hi Perry,

    Very nice key points. I like to read something like that where everything I need to know is just summed up for me. Thanks for the good read.
    Gary Young China Sourcing recently posted..New Life and China SourcingMy Profile

  • William Earl Amis, Jr. III October 14, 2011, 5:30 pm

    your subject matter is one that is greatly appreciated.

    I agree, building a relationship that is bonded on trust takes time. This is for all your team members and clients. Not a race and should never be treated as such.

    The quality time spent with each individual is priceless. You get to know all about each other and then form this bond that is awesome.

    Perry, your always keeping me on my toes, per say. I love your direct approach on a subject matter. Your a great visionary in our industry and one that would be an honor to have as a mentor.

    I look forward in gaining more wisdom upon my next visit.

  • Roshanda Gilmore October 11, 2011, 10:40 pm

    Relationships are important factors when it comes to prospects and team members.

    I like how Dean mentions in his video that relationships are a mutual exchange of value between each other ( well not verbatim)!

    Really cool post and video. Enjoyed all the insight from all your contributors too! Thanks!

    Roshanda Gilmore recently posted..Branding Definition – The New Era Of Personal Branding Defined + FREE Gift!My Profile

  • Theuns October 11, 2011, 12:19 am

    Hi Perry

    Thanks for a Great post and Video.

    What you point outs is key and the most import and so many people miss it. if that is strong your team will not fall apart.

    Theuns recently posted..How to apply visualization: Visualization — the brother of thePower of IntentionMy Profile

  • Jupiter Jim October 8, 2011, 10:58 pm

    I first got involved in Network Marketing about 14 years ago in California. I had a product I needed and wanted to tell everyone about it. I wanted for everyone to be in my organization. Then I quit network marketing for about 8 years until I found something I could be proud of. So during the 8 years when I was NOT involved in network marketing, I learned how ANNOYING IT IS to be approached by network marketers about their product or opportunity. Even if they care about me and are sincere, if I am not interested, they need to shut up about it! So when I got back into network marketing, I made sure I was very easy and NON-threatening and NON-pushy when mentioning my product or service to anyone. Gosh, my life as a network marketer became so much easier and less-stressful for me. And the quality of customer and distributors increased. Life is good when you don’t force your “business” onto other people that are NOT interested! (oh, news flash, most people are NOT interested in your business! LOL)
    — Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..WordPress Tutorial: Submit Google XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools for your WordPress Blog SEOMy Profile

  • Andy Nathan October 8, 2011, 11:25 am

    I like the do not try to use people. Too many people trying to do the one over on others. A more balanced relationship is ideal
    Andy Nathan recently posted..Google Translate: Social NetworkingMy Profile

  • Carla McNeil, Social Media Manager October 7, 2011, 1:06 pm

    Perry so true! “Help others to help themselves don’t smother them by being anxious to help.”

    When I first started I used to do the smother. Then I realized that only those who were willing to help themselves were going to succeed. Those who wanted me to do everything for them we simply holding me back. It was a big lesson to learn! AND I am very glad I did.

  • pete chapman October 7, 2011, 3:08 am

    You know, since I read this post last I feel able to comment further. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our own interests that we can forget the interests of others.
    Your article has inspired me to consider paying it forward for people to join me…. so that they can test our relationship without any investment.
    Often people need a little encouragement to trust us… so giving value in this way helps confirm that you can form a strong and successful relationship for mutual benefit.

    Best wishes

    pete chapman recently posted..Kangen Water – A Profitable Home BusinessMy Profile

  • Pearly Quah October 6, 2011, 5:04 pm

    Hey Perry,

    Great post and I agree about building relationship in network marketing and do not dominate. This is the best part of all. This business is about people helping people to succeed but not about dominating others to gain power. Even that, I believe team members will not allow anyone to dominate because everyone is doing their own business 🙂

    I love this post and thanks for sharing, Perry 🙂

    Pearly Quah recently posted..Put A Price Tag On Your Network Marketing Business (Part 1)My Profile

  • Rachel Lavern October 4, 2011, 7:41 pm

    I believe that the cornerstone of every independent professional’s marketing strategy should be relationship-building. If a marketing tactic I am considering contributes to stronger relationships between
    me and my prospects, it is worthy of my attention. If it does not, I think twice before using it, and certainly will not rely on it.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Are You Struggling with Self-Discipline?My Profile

  • Dr. Erica Goodstone October 3, 2011, 10:57 pm


    My mission and focus is to help individuals and couples heal their relationships through love. However, I continue to discover that everything we do is about relationships, not just the relationship we have with our intimate partner. Once we learn how to build true and lasting relationships, our family, our business and our entire life takes on such a sweet meaning and ease. Thanks for sharing those great quotes from people I know, like and trust.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Emotional and Environmental Storms – How Well Are YOU prepared?My Profile

  • Willena Flewelling October 1, 2011, 9:24 pm

    You’re right on, Perry. I never talk about my company or products online, because there really are a lot of great products out there, and I don’t even want to try to go up against the competition. I would far rather offer value, and build relationships with those who respond. And even then, I don’t discuss my company with someone unless HE approaches ME. And it works far better than the old model I used for 25 years of trying to sell my products/company to anybody and everybody.

    Willena Flewelling

  • John Gaydon September 29, 2011, 6:50 pm

    Hi Perry,

    First I am honoured that you quote me in this great article.

    When I read the steps you suggest, I believe they are great to strive for, but I think you would have to be a Saint to excel at all of them!

    These are great litmus tests to apply to our relationship building.

    Thanks again for great insight.
    John Gaydon recently posted..Are You Making Money From Network Marketing?My Profile

  • pete chapman September 29, 2011, 6:58 am

    Hi there Perry,
    I am happy to share this post. Building on relationships is the essence of good business whatever field you are in. Don’t you hate it when people just share their links on your facebook wall when you have only just accepted their friend request?
    My whole business philosophy is centred upon giving value and helping people…. I have got the rewards… and the news is spreading…

    Thank you for an excellent post

    pete chapman recently posted..Your Amazing Immune System – How Kangen Water Can Help Your HealthMy Profile

  • Peter Fuller MBA September 28, 2011, 1:28 pm


    For me it is all about the relationship.

    People will stick with you if they know you care. They will work hard.

    Great post, thanks

    Peter Fuller MBA recently posted..The Cash Flow MindsetMy Profile

  • Bobbi Prim September 28, 2011, 12:33 pm

    Hi Perry! GREAT article! I, too, agree with you and the other commentors … building relations, or Relationship Marketing, IS the most important thing in both network and internet marketing.
    When you really stop to think about it, “relationships” are even built in the corporate world as well because people tend to go back to the same businesses that provided good service and/or product: barbers, beauticians, plumbers, landscapers, retail stores-ever find yourself going back to the same cashier?, etc etc. If a business (which is what we all have!) does not provide good customer service and/or product, your customer/prospect will not return … nor will they refer you to someone else 🙂

    Relationship Marketing is the same aspect … except we are doing it online and this is what we all need to learn more about!

    Bobbi Prim recently posted..A Carrot, an Egg and a Cup of CoffeeMy Profile

  • Marcus September 28, 2011, 8:27 am

    Perry, a great article. Building strong relationships is not only important in Network Marketing it is important everywhere. It’s all about connection.
    Marcus recently posted..4 Steps to Have Stress as a Network Marketing ProMy Profile

  • Julieanne van Zyl September 28, 2011, 5:57 am

    Hi Perry, I agree with you and the other commentors about “relationship building” being the most important part of a network marketing business.

    However, I don’t believe it’s the companies telling their distributors to contact everyone they meet. I think there have a been a few misguided (probably desperate) people who have suggested to their downline, to sell to everyone they meet.

    There are some (probably a lot) network marketing companies that encourage relationship building, especially in the “offline” market.
    I love the way network marketers are being educated a lot more on the internet now, so they follow the “relationship building” processes. I believe the industry will get a much better reputation over the next 10 years, and the business model will become more and more popular.

    Regards from Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..Network Marketing Business Nurturing systemMy Profile

  • Paul Reimers September 27, 2011, 8:59 pm

    Great post Perry,

    It’s funny how a lot of people who are unhinged (love that…and have met a number of them) or only focused on sales can miss the human element and sometimes, even being human themselves 🙂

    I like the term Relationship Marketing which is a more recent term for Network Marketing. It’s accurate because this industry is all about relationships. Those who just sell usually fail to build a real team that duplicates.
    Paul Reimers recently posted..How to Write a Powerful Elevator PitchMy Profile

  • marquita herald September 27, 2011, 5:09 pm

    Great post Perry – but I’d like to say that the value of relationship building runs the gamit of whatever kind of business someone might be in. Thanks for the inspiration!
    marquita herald recently posted..This May be a Stupid Question, but I’ll Ask it Anyway …My Profile

  • clare September 27, 2011, 10:21 am

    Hi Perry,
    Thanks for laying out one of the fundamental principles of life about being of assistance to others and genuinely caring about building relationships first. this is the topic of my latest post too where I feature one of the key experts in relationship marketing – Mari Smith. what many forget is in their quest to make money is that it takes time to build and nurture relationships and people will not fall at your feet but if you make yourself available and are consistent in your efforts to get to know people, eventually they will want to find out more about you and what you do.

    Be Blessed,
    clare recently posted..An Evening with Relationship Marketing Expert – Mari SmithMy Profile

  • Sadie-Michaela Harris September 27, 2011, 5:50 am

    Hello Perry

    I like what you’ve had to say here and I think most of these points are true outside of network marketing too.
    Sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..By: Sadie-Michaela HarrisMy Profile

  • Jaclyn Castro September 27, 2011, 12:36 am

    Hi Perry,
    The biggest takeaway I got from this post is the very last bullet point you shared. “Help others to help themselves don’t smother them by being anxious to help.”

    This can also be broken down in two ways. Help others to help themselves, and don’t smother them by being anxious to help.

    First part is that if we want others to get ahead of the game we must allow them to go through the learning curve process. And the second part is that in order for that to happen we must not hold their hand from beginning to end. They must learn to fall forward, make mistakes and learn from it. If we smother them with help and be available at every beck and call, we are basically disempowering them versue empowering them to make their own decisions.

    -Jaclyn Castro

  • Lynn Jones September 26, 2011, 9:11 pm

    Hi Perry,
    So true, So true! I know how important it is to build relationships and keep them strong. For me I have to purpose to keep in touch. Seriously, I have to put it on my list, otherwise it can float right out of my mind and the pressing matters take over. Plus, it is critical to give and serve without expecting anything in return.
    Thank you, Perry.
    Lynn Jones recently posted..When Life Hands You Lemons, Make LemonadeMy Profile

  • Holly September 26, 2011, 1:53 pm

    I believe that relationships is the most important thing in NWM.. People absolutely want to know how much one cares and will definitely know when you are ‘selling’ them! Or if they dont’ it will be seen quickly! You have to be attractive or you won’t be successful in NWM!! So I am curious why it is still called network marketing when it is more like relationship or attraction marketing!
    Holly recently posted..Have You Left Exercise Out Of Your Life For A Long Time?My Profile

  • Anne Perez September 26, 2011, 11:26 am

    Hi Perry
    You’re so right that strong relationships are key to success in network marketing. People want to know that you’ll care about them whether they become a customer or a team member. They don’t just want to be a number and a dollar sign in your bank account. By following your 7 keys to developing strong relationships network marketers will definitely become more successful.

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