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Where are all the good network marketing/mlm prospects?

Finding good prospects is the lifeline of the network marketing industry. By helping people learn what to say and how to find the right prospects, we help struggling distributors.

Mick Carbo, the creator of “Network Marketing Leaders Unite <>Embrace FREEDOM!” group on Facebook does this through a true story .

Enjoy and learn from Mick.

After reading every word of this story you may change your mind about prospecting forever. This is a true story. I know because it is a story about me and a guy I met while simply living my life.

My job carries me all around Maryland and Virginia. I go around measuring people's houses who are interested in getting ceramic tile installed.

My goal is to talk to 2-4 people a day about my products or business opportunity. That way I can be building my MLM business while I work or while I'm shopping or while I'm doing anything for that matter.

The other day I arrived at a man's home to do a measure. I took one look at the guy and said to myself, “this guy is probably not a prospect”. He was an older gentleman. Looked to be happily retired.

While I was measuring his bathroom floor I made small talk with him to practice my conversational skills, to build know, like and trust, and just to be nice.

He spoke with an accent so I asked where his family was from. He told me they came to the US from Trinidad…THIS WAS MY OPPORTUNITY.

I told him I had a business partner in Trinidad. Now, I was there to measure his bathroom for a ceramic tile installation so, obviously, he was curious to find out how and why I had a business partner in Trinidad. I gladly told him I had met Alan online, we became friends, then we became partners in my Network Marketing

Turns out this 80 year old man (guy didn't look a day older than 67) was in love with a nutritional line of products sold by a Network Marketing company which he'd been using for the last 10 years. Awesome.

Then he told me a few years back he brought a whole bunch of product back home with him when he went for a visit. The stuff sold out like the people wanted it yesterday, but the company wouldn't compensate him well enough for his effort to bring the product line into Trinidad.

He said he loves his products, but would like to learn how he could market my company's products in Trinidad! We're scheduled to talk again after the holidays when he plans on going back home for a visit.

MORAL OF THE STORY: You NEVER know who you're talking to. Find a way to introduce your product/s or opportunity to EVERYONE you meet. You might just sponsor your company's next Space Commander Guru Distributor.

To learn more tips from Mick download his free eBook.

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